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      優(yōu)惠活動(dòng) - 12周年慶本月新客福利
      優(yōu)惠活動(dòng) - 12周年慶本月新客福利
      優(yōu)惠活動(dòng) - 12周年慶本月新客福利


      日期 : 2024-06-15 00:21:51
      FUERTHCELL has operated in the INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING and BATCHING market since, with applications tailored for a wide variety of sectors. Through a careful analysis of the customer’s needs and the presence of a sophisticated internal research and development laboratory, FUERTHCELL manufactures reliable precision products, characterised by excellent quality/price ratio, certificated and compliant with relevant industry standards on a national and international level.
      The advanced IT system allows all the production processes to be managed efficiently and offers a targeted technical assistance service. Our commitment to quality and reliability drives every solution we engineer, every load cell we deliver, and every service we provide. That’s the reputation we have built since FUERTHCELL started.