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      優(yōu)惠活動(dòng) - 12周年慶本月新客福利
      優(yōu)惠活動(dòng) - 12周年慶本月新客福利
      優(yōu)惠活動(dòng) - 12周年慶本月新客福利

      Hangzhou Brilliance Chemical Technology Co., Ltd與我司簽訂網(wǎng)站建設協(xié)議

      日期 : 2024-06-02 23:22:35
      The parent company of Hangzhou Brilliance Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is Hangzhou Morot Chemical Technology Co., LTD. Morot Company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in continuous chemistry, photochemical process development and technical services. Has won the honorary title of Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has a number of patents and soft and so on. Brilliance is located in Ivy Health Industrial Park, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, with offices in East China, Central China, South China, North China, Southwest and Northwest China. Is a continuous chemical parallel screening device, photochemistry high-end experimental equipment research and development/manufacturing as the main body, supporting the provision of mobile chemical equipment, photochemical reaction general equipment and related catalyst development of high-end laboratory equipment full process solution supplier. Brilliance has established long-term cooperative relations with many universities and research institutions such as Zhejiang University, Fudan University, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology, etc., and provides a strong guarantee for new product development and customer customized products with a professional technical team.